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The following dissertation provides a comprehensive survey based research on the service and quality level of the services provided by the Singapore Airlines in terms of the expectations of the customers and the satisfaction level of the customers. A literature overview of related research on the topic is conducted to identify the trends and the innovations taking place in the industry and the effect that they have on the service quality and customer satisfaction.

The methodology applied for the primary research however pertains to the use of a research tool in the form of a questionnaire which was used to survey respondents who have traveled by Singapore Airline sin the past 12-18 months. The results indicated that the customer satisfaction and expectation level of the services is very much in tune with each other, slight discrepancies are present but they are due to the high level of expectation from the brand name of Singapore Airlines

Through the opportunity provided tome I would like to acknowledge the role that was played by my lecturer and supervisor in guiding me through this project and thank them for their support. Aside form this I would also like to thank the respondents who took the time out to respond to the questionnaire based survey that was conducted for the purpose of this research. Without their contribution the following dissertation could not have materialized

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