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The staff of the restaurant, similar to that of a hotel is the backbone of its service and quality which can drive the standards up or bring them down with their performance. “The results indicate that front desk, housekeeping, and parking employee performance have significant effects on perceived quality, whereas front desk and room service employee performance have significant effects on perceived value. The only performance cue having a direct effect on word-of-mouth intentions is the performance of housekeeping employees. Both quality and value increase word-of-mouth intentions; however, the effect of value is large relative to the effect of quality.” (Hartline & Jones, 1996)

In order to change the attitude of the staff, proper training needs to be provided where while delivering them the results of the observation based study (‘How to treat your staff’, 2005). This would provide them with a holistic and the real picture of their food and service quality standards as perceived by the customers. The training that would be provided would pertain to evaluating the personal performance of each individual member if the staff as well as their teamwork performance to provide a healthy competition which would increase the determination level of the staff to excel at their profession.

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Essay: Human Resource Management at Restaurant
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