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The western automotive industry has been fascinated with the operations of the Toyota Motor Company its just in time approach and the Toyota Production System since the 1950s when the Japanese were able to beat the pioneer of the automotive vehicle industry in making cars which were more reliable, more dynamic, less expensive to maintain, more affordable for the user and easier to navigate and much more easier to own that the German and the American counter parts.

The Japanese companies of Toyota and Suzuki became the companies whose vehicles were ought after by the common man for their increased efficiency in fuel consumption, especially in times of the oil price hike. Moreover the west has also been taken with preoccupation in the use of information technology, artificial intelligence and robotics by the Toyota motor company now to better make its Toyota Production System much more efficient and feasible due to the changing market conditions influencing the market for automotive vehicles globally. “The Toyota Production System has led to a movement of ‘lean production’ focused on taking waste out of value streams. Most applications have been to high volume, and relatively standardized products. Under this system work becomes highly standardized specifying to the second what the operator should do. Buffers are precisely sized and controlled through various types of pull signals. When possible, use of one-piece flow cells result in a completely balanced production line.

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Essay: Imitation of Toyota Productions System
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