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Social constructs can influence conformity directly as the expectation of the people in the society and the different roles that an individual has to undertake can enforce him/ her to permanently conform to one of the social roles in order to avoid being targeted by third parties. Research has indicated that “in general, social values are associated with a high need for affiliation and group identification, conformity, and a greater emphasis on both the utilitarian and the display aspects of clothing (style and brand name)” (Rose et. al, 1994)

Social influence on groups or even simply on an individual is also termed as normative influence and is defined as the that stimuli which can encourage individuals to conform to the expectation the individuals might have from himself or herself, or to that of a third party or a social groups. This fulfillment of the social expectations of ones self as well as those of the third parties leads to the positive feelings as opposed to the negative Feelings which are endured by the individuals as a result of non conformity. Gregory Pool and Andria Schwegler undertook a study to determine the motivations and goals that individuals have behind their conformity to different social roles.

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Essay: Impact of the Social Constructs
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