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The following presents the implementation plan for the recommendations that have been highlighted above.

                In order to diversify into other product lines and beverages that do not include alcohol or beer, the company will have to invest in supporting infrastructure and the set up of facilities and plans in the US to cater to the non alcoholic beverage drinking market. Moreover the company can also use the plants and infrastructure that is owned by it through mergers, consolidations and joint ventures in the international markets to manufacture the products and ship them to the United States.

The same strategy can be applied to target the markets in the international beverage industry as well. The company can use the existing resources pertaining to beverage manufacturing plants, and logistics supports to provide wine products and healthier beverage drinks in the international markets along with its signature beer brands to increase the percentage of revenue that the company can make from its international operations. This would also help in decreasing its concentration and focus in theUSonly enabling it to have contingency markets to fall back when alcohol and beer consumption reduces in theUS.

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Essay: Implementation Plan for Anheuser Busch
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