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“The survey results point to several problem areas of JIT suppliers for research focus, including identification of ways that small companies can resolve JIT implementation issues, the most common ongoing problem of unstable customer schedules, and the most frequently cited problems of poor production quality. Practical implications – The findings of this study can help others considering a conversion to a JIT system improve the likelihood of a successful implementation by making them aware of the implementation issues experienced by the JIT automotive suppliers in Tennessee and Alabama.

It also provides guidelines for specific improvements that could be implemented by Tennessee and Alabama suppliers.” (Matson & Matson, 2007) The developments made by the vehicle assemblers in terms of their relationship with the suppliers and their distributors are highlighted. It provides that the main reason for the success of the Japanese philosophy in theToyotaproduction system has been due to the compliant nature of their workforce and the tradition and culture of the region. In regions likeUKand theUSthe tradition, culture and the approach to work by the labor and the workers is considerably different. As a result any fluctuations and changes made in the pace of the production cycle can generate large number of compliant form the work force. “Toyota’s Production System (TPS) is based on “lean” principles including a focus on the customer, continual improvement and quality through waste reduction, and tightly integrated upstream and downstream processes as part of a lean value chain. Most manufacturing companies have adopted some type of “lean initiative,” and the lean movement recently has gone beyond the shop floor to white-collar offices and is even spreading to service industries.

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Essay: Implications of JIT
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