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Through the experiment it was also realized that even when the prisoners were provided parole without compensation as per the agreed terms for the experiment, they refused to take on the parole as they had internalized the identity of the prisoner as their own personal identity. The experiment was originally planned for two weeks, however only after six days, the experiment was forcibly concluded and closed on the request of thirds parties on the basis of the extreme treatment being forced on the prisoners and the unhygienic and in humane conditions of the prison. Moreover the early halt to the experiment was not welcomed by the guards who wanted the experiment to continue on for a longer period of time.

Conclusively the results of the experiment indicated that “when placed in a confining environment (the basement of an academic building) and only told (according to random assignment) that they were to be a “prisoner” or a “guard”, they conformed to the roles with aplomb. “Prisoners” began to snitch on one another and display other prisoner-like behaviors. “Guards” began to force prisoners to clean out toilet bowls with their hands, beat prisoners, and force them to carry out humiliating tasks. Even Zimbardo, who had assumed the role of “Warden,” began to take that role more seriously than the role of “Researcher,” sacrificing scientific procedure for the sake of higher security.

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Essay: Implications of Zimbardo’s Experiment
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