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The virus attacks are possible when a person is simply browsing the interest, or downloading information, or media form the internet onto their personal computers. Even emails and websites can be used to launch spy ware which infringes the privacy of the people. The emails with attachments form unknown people are one of the mail source of viruses. Additionally junk mail is also a form of personal space infringement whereby third parties send spam mail to the people relevant to their target market.

The network in any business is any as strong as its weakest link, therefore the network administrator needs to manage the security of the internet at all point of connection and access that are feasible. A string approach towards network security in a company or a business can result in competitive advantage for the company in terms of better safeguarding of the data and the resources of the company.  “Limiting access to its business records and files is important for any company. Limiting access to real-time, mission-critical computer and communications activities is paramount to the continued safe and secure operation of the world’s electricity grids.” (Newton, 1997)The biggest challenge however is caused by the open nature of the internet where by intruders can easily lurk on the internet and seek to steal private information like passwords and credit card information that can provide them with sources of illegal financial gain

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Essay: Importance of Focusing on Network Security
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