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It is the basic need of a human being to be accepted by pothers and to belong to a prominent group which can raise the social standing of an individual. As a result the influence of the society as a whole can make the individual conform to better seem as important to other by changing his behavior, his thought orientation, his feelings as well as his manner of regarding and treating others around him.

Therefore when individuals are in a group they tend to act in a similar manner that the group does, while simultaneously their manner of thinking also changes to that of the group. “It is role-valorizing to enhance the perceived value of the social roles of a person, a group, or an entire class of people, and doing so is thus called social role valorization. There are two major broad strategies for pursuing this goal for (devalued) people: (1) enhancement of people’s social image in the eyes of others, and (2) enhancement of their competencies, in the widest sense of the term. Image and competency form a feedback loop that can be negative or positive. That is, a person who is competency impaired is highly at risk of suffering image impairment; a person who is impaired in image is apt to be responded to by others in ways that delimit or reduce or even prevent the person’s competency. But both processes work equally in the reverse direction.” (Osborn)

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Essay: Individual’s Social Behavior Discussed
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