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The clock and watch industry in the Czech Republic is highly integrated with the jewels industry in the region. The country is host to the oldest watch retailers inEuropeas well as the more recent and trendy watch making companies. Annual clock and watch affairs specific to the Swiss watch industry are held on an annual basis in theCzechRepublic. The market for the clock and watch industry is very specialized and sophisticated.

“The manufacture of v and jewels, based on domestic mining resources (mainly Czech garnet, jasper, and other semi-precious stones), gained a high level of sophistication and unprecedented reputation due to the perfect mastery of cutting techniques and the remarkable artistic design of Czech authors. The present production of Czech jewelry and jewels is based on swift implementation of the latest production technologies and on close cooperation with present designers of original Czech jewelry.” (Hlubuček & Hlaváček) The clock and watch manufacturers in the industry have closely linked themselves with the antique dealers in the country and the current as well as upcoming designers to further the products as consumer goods for the affluent.

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Essay: Industry Analysis of Czech Republic
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