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In terms of information technology, “Most organizations have data stored and captured in multiple systems, making fast and strategic decision making a challenge. According to Mark Arduino, senior industry consultant, automotive/manufacturing at Teredata, achieving complete supply chain visibility and systems integration is the key to a more efficient and productive operation.” (Haight, 2003) an integrative technology like the enterprise wide operations management system enables the management to monitor and control the operations as well as make timely decision for the for the strategic development of the forecasting of supply in the market for the raw material and the demand which has to be met in a period of time on a continual basis in order to operate with a high margin of profit.

The single view of the business through the integrated system of communication technology and data management allows the companies to view data which is generated from different stages of the operations and is stored in different placed in the business. The companies can make use of the leveraging technology of database management software and the data warehouses which integrate data generated at the different functions of the business, storing them in a single large repository and correlating it by establishing links between the information being stored I the data warehouse. The data stored is historic and as a result allows for trend analysis and extrapolation of the trends to forecast the future position of the market and the business.

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Essay: Information Technology at Toyota
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