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Corporate Structure

The corporate structure of the company is that of a lean hierarchy with a widely distributed management in the global market. The operations of the company are highly decentralized with regional headquarters for Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and South Africa. The main corporate headquarters of the company however are situated in Seattle Washington.

Corporate Culture

The corporate culture at the Starbucks organization is to derive organization growth from employee performance productivity and employee satisfaction. It is the value of the company to develop the employees and provide them opportunities for growth. Aside from this the company is highly focused on utilizing innovative strategies for its operations and promoting sustainability of the environment through used of recycled materials in its packaging and in store furnishings.

Corporate Resources

The corporate resources that are available to the company are the financial resources, marketing resources, human resources, operational as well as the technological resources. The biggest marketing resource for the company is the brand name of the Starbucks Company and the premium high quality and associations which come with it. The financial resource of the company is its robust performance in the past few years which has increased the share value as well as the equity value of the company. The technological and operational resources employed by the company are innovative high end technology based which support the standard operations of the company in all the international markets while allowing for a small degree of customization for the local communities and customers. The human resource is one of the strongest resources available to the company. The company invests extensively in developing in human resource which has becoming the key success factor for Starbucks.

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Essay: Internal Environment of Starbucks
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