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In order to improve the quality as well as provide a new healthier line of products to its customers, the Starbucks Corporation will be required to monitor the process and business reengineering as well as the real time operations taking place after the implementation of the plan for action has taken place. In order to realistically achieve its objective of being customer oriented and innovative in its approach towards business and customer service, the company will need to observe the processes at the manufacturing, distribution, dissemination as well as the servicing level of the organization.

This monitoring can be performed by having a real time observation tool and policy whereby the managers will be able to observe the processes and the interaction of the staff with the customers. Moreover the central management of the company will be able to review the unique and discrepancies which would be detected through the monitoring and observing process in order to plan for corrective action.

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Essay: Monitoring Strategy at Starbucks
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