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The motivation that triggers the corporations to pursue a sponsorship project is mostly driven for seeking an alternative channel with which the company is able to reach out to its customers. The main objectives as to why corporation seek sponsorship pertain to increasing the consumer and market awareness for their product, establishing the image of the corporation and association the corporation with an event or a cause to depict the shared values shared by the two parties, i.e. the sponsor and the sponsored. In most cases however for event based sponsorships the companies are seeking to establish an image for themselves in association with the event and simultaneously want the consumers and the target market to be aware of this association/relationship.

“Advertising Research Foundation found that in-person marketing events can boost purchase intent as much as 52%. According to the report, a customer’s stated interest in buying a product rose 11% to 52% among consumers who attended branded-sponsored events including sports championships, walkathons and theme parks.” (Hein, 2008)

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Essay: Motivation for Corporate Sponsorship
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