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The objectives of the marketing strategy for pertain to increasing their profitability pf the company while contributing towards organizational growth. Aside from this the marketing objectives are focused at the customers, their demand fulfillment as well as making them aware of what new product and services are offered by

The company has significant market share in the online book and electronic market. However the market share for other e-tailing business and product offering niche lie with, Marks and Spencer, JC penny, Nordstrom as well as Wal-Mart for apparel, home improvement and grocery niches.

The online retail marketing strategy for the company employs “sending emails to their prospective customers. operates like a bridal registry at department stores. When a user go to its Web site and list what books or items he want, the company then emails the list to people that the user think might buy the books or items for them. sends those notices with the user’s email address, not the company’s. figures that if it includes its own return address, the message is just junk email.” (Wildstorm & McNatt, 2004) Aside from this the company has also created highly personalized stores online in order top reduce the customer acquisition cost as well as attract more customers through its marketing strategy.

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Essay: Objective of Marketing Strategy of Amazon
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