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The economic responsibilities of the company in this case were to maintain a positive macroeconomic environment in the region while contributing to the development and the growth of the region. The macroeconomic issues that threatened the company were increased unemployment, increased poverty, low standards of living in the community and the lack of economic growth. The legal responsibilities of the company pertained to providing support and compensation to the victims of the fire, both who war injured or killed as a result of it.

On the other hand the legal responsibility of the company also included providing returns to the stakeholders of the company in terms of their stake involved.  The ethical and the Philanthropic responsibility of the company in this case was to be accountable to the harm caused the workers and the employees of the company due to the fire and to provide them with moral, financial as well as medical support to get through the crisis stage while not adding to their problems through layoffs of job cuts.

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Essay: Responsibilities of Malden Mill
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