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The future of the automotive industry lies with the manufacture and the sale of the hybrid cars. The oil price increase and the pro attitude of the customer towards the fuel efficient and alternative fuel bases transportation of vehicles which can provide personal mobility is very influential in terms of channeling the trend of increasing the demand for hybrid cars in the market at all levels. A traditional approach to supply chain management and production would not enable the automobile manufactures to respond to this trend in a timely fashion.

However by employing the Toyota Production System and the flexible manufacturing technique, the automobile manufacturing companies can manufacture the currently popular version of automotive vehicles as well as mass produce a percentage of the hybrid cars and release them into the ,market. This will enable them to attain the status of being amongst the pioneer in the technology and a competitive edge over the other companies operating in the global automotive industry. Moreover the market share of the company would also increase as opposed to those companies who are not providing a hybrid version of the automotive vehicle to their customers.

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Essay:Automobile Industry Future Forecast
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