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In order to make the restaurant effective the efficiency with which the restaurant operates as well as its performance in the industry/ market needs to be taken into account.

“For effective managerial planning in the restaurant industry, the planning procedure should derive: a forecast that predicts types of meals that will be served; a recipe or bill of material that calculates the ingredients needed for each menu item; a labor standard for preparing each menu item to develop the capacity requirements plan; and the hourly wages and burden costs for estimating the cost of material, labor, and capital equipment plan. With this information a weekly schedule of labor and materials can be derived to efficiently plan needed resources in relation to planned output.” (Wacker, 1985) Aside from this a detailed plan of operations for the restaurant including the specific roles and the job descriptions of the staff can be drawn up which would provide a comprehensive and practice plan for the operation flow of the restaurant.

Productivity is a direct result of operational efficiency. The increase in the efficiency leads to increased productivity, however capacity management needs to be employed to deal with the increase in customer and traffic coming into the restaurant as a result of improved service quality.

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Essay:Increasing Restaurant’s Service Efficiency
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