The primary research would entail a questionnaire to be distributed in the market to determine their perception of UTC Plc and its competitors in the retail industry. The marketing strategy employed by UTC Plc and its competitors will them be judged against the customers perceptions of the company to determine the effectiveness of the marketing strategies.

The dissertation topic is feasible for research as extensive material on retailers and their marketing strategies is available. The information for the purpose of this dissertation would be accessed through databanks housing peer reviewed academic and professional journals. Moreover case studies on successful retailers in the international market are also available, from which their specific marketing strategies and strategic decisions can be determined as along with the impact they had on the company and its performance in the long run. It is also feasible to conduct primary research through an online questionnaire based survey. A questionnaire can be posted on Nigerian community blogs, as well as regional social forums to determine the brand awareness and perception of the consumers for the retail companies operating in the region.

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Feasibility on dissertation on UTC Plc
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