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Race and diversity are the characteristic of a truly metropolitan region where different people form varying ethnicities and races co-inhabit peacefully. However the differences between the people can make way for tension, disparity and often varying perception and way of thinking that result in racial conflicts. The book by Susan Wyle titled ‘Revisiting America, Readings in Race, Culture, and Conflict’ highlights the racial tension, conflicts and struggles that have taken place in America during its history while depicting what factors have led to the ensuring struggles.

The following paper provides a report on the book titled ‘Revisiting America, Readings in Race, Culture, and Conflict’ by Susan Wyle. The report highlights the structure of the books, the message that is being delivered by the author and the main themes that are inherent in the book. The application of the themes and the issues in the book to the modern society has also been depicted along with the features of the book that make it a good read for the audience.

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Essay: A book on Multicultures
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