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The Jonestown Massacre was one of the most notorious and lasting events that took place in history. The Jonestown settlement was established in westGuyana, by a cult formCaliforniaby the name of PeoplesTemple. The innocent which marked history and depicted one of the largest cases of conformity to different beliefs and values which resulted in a mass suicide of 900 people which was organized by their cult Leader Jim Jones.

The Peoples Temple cult was formed in the 1950s and by the 1960s almost disappeared into non existence. At this tome however the leader of the cult Jim Jones managed to get an affiliation with the Disciples of Christ which attracted people to the cult of the Peoples Temple making it more popular than ever before. In the mod 60s however the Peoples Temple Cult relocated to the Redwood valley in order to avoid the effects of the nuclear blast and the resulting nuclear fallout in case of a nuclear attack on the country of United States of America. However after considerable tax evasions, the groups was again forced to relocate, and this time, they settled in Guyana with a considerable population of 1000 people as the followers of the Peoples Temple cult.

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Essay: Background of Jonestown Massacre
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