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Mobile marketing is attractive to advertisers as it incorporates communicating with the target market anytime and anywhere on an immediate delivery of the message and promotional content.

Additionally marketing through mobile devices also provides the capability of targeting the market on the basis of demographics like age, gender, profession, residence location etc. “’Mobile offers the ability to target an ad to the consumer by personal information such as age, sex, interests and location at any given time, plus the ability to bill for products and services. It’s a huge step forward and no other ad medium has the ability to target to such a high level.” (Bonello, 2006) Moreover the mobile marketing provides a extensive potential when it comes to viral marketing as messages can be delivered through listings to groups of people. Additionally it is also possible for the mobile marketing campaign to be integrated with the other marketing campaigns via cross media to support the TV, print and radio advertisements and promotions.

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Essay: Benefits of Mobile marketing
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