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The nature of Best Buy Inc is that of a giant retailer that sells products for the office, home, appliances, software and other miscellaneous services. The company is located inMinnesotaand with about 140,000 staff and personnel.

The main operations of the company however are serviced to theUSand the Canadian region only. The target market of the Best Buy includes general consumers who are looking for electronic consumer goods. The unique nature of the business is that the company provides its products to its customers through its physical stores as well as through its online shopping option enabling the customers to buy their required products and avail the demanded services from the comfort of their own home and place of work.

As mentioned earlier the target market of the Best Buy pertains to the customers who seek to buy consumer electronic, and general computer and electronic appliances as well as other miscellaneous products through in the Best Buy Stores as well as through the internet medium. The Best Buy accepts credit card payments for its online customers, therefore it would be much more feasible for the company to offer a loyalty card which is credit based instead of a debit card.

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Essay: Best Buy Overview
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