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The second business concept model that can be applied to entrepreneurship is the college student startup of a business. Here the college students form a network of contacts in the market and start a 1-2 person firm for consultancy or service marketing. After graduation the network of contacts and the business are integrated to form a long terms sustaining business.

The other business concept pertains to building the business around a team or to build a business around one individual. This is similar to sole proprietorship and partnerships. However the nature of the business and the markets it is involved with and dealing with are considerably different. The various types of entrepreneurial business which can come under this spectrum of business concept pertain to professional advisors who usually work as sole agents or sole business.  Aside form this there exists a business model for outsource savvy independent contractors.  The third option of a business concept is to have a shadow team operate the business which can take at the form of a consultancy.

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Essay: Business Concept Model
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