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This section of the balanced scorecard technique provides the management with the performance of the different processes of the company.

By using this information the company can improve its internal processes which are not performing up to the targets and goals set for them. The internal business processes for the company deal with the four sections of business activity of the business which includes domestic beer, international beer, packaging and entertainment. “The domestic beer segment consists of the company’ manufacturing and company-owned beer wholesale sales operations, including vertically integrated rice, barley and hops operations. The international beer segment consists of the company’s export sales and overseas beer production and marketing operations, which include company-owned operations inChinaand theUnited Kingdom, administration of contract and license brewing arrangements, and equity investments. Principal foreign markets for sale of the company’s products areChina, theUnited Kingdom,Canada,MexicoandIreland. The company attributes foreign sales based on the location of the distributor purchasing the product.” (Anheuser Busch Annual Report, 2006)

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Essay: Business Processes at Anheuser-Busch
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