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The main strategy of the Short-Hall airlines would be to rely on the identification of a specialised niche as the target market of the company and to provide it with customized and tailored services in the form of commercial short hall flights to destinations along the east coast aroundNew York and Washington. The reason as to why this region has been targeted is due to the high level of traffic in the region going to and from the cities.The growth strategy that is going to be used for launching the business would be to go for the slow but steady expansion in the short hall market. The company commence business with 5 BA609 aircrafts and will increase the aircrafts on a annual basis based on the profitability of the company and the earning generated through operations. The IPO of 70 Million will significantly contribute towards the acquiring of the aircraft for the business and the set up of the offices and the facilities required for operating short hall commercial flights along the east coast.

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Essay: Business Strategy of Short-Hall airlines
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