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A level of trust should be established between the senior management and the other management at the company through regular informal meetings, feedback sessions and opportunities provided to the management to disucss opinions and ideas about product lines and how they can be marketed to the consumers.

 This will increase level of flexibility provided to the management and the employees and empower them to make informed decisions that can contribute towards making the company profitable and popular for its products amongst the target market (Jamali et a., 2006, p337).

The OJuice Company can reestablish its position in the industry for drinks and beverages by repositioning its brand through innovative out door advertisements as well as promotional activities that build interaction with the target market while developing a line of products that are more suited to the market of today. The company can market to the high school students at concerts, gaming events, sporting events, high school functions/ cafeterias as well as through store based promotions to make them aware of the repositioned brand of OJuice.

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Essay: Business strategy recommendations for OJuice
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