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“One point is that the Internet provides a gateway to complete anonymity. It is said that anyone with a modem can become a journalist and names, as well as entire organizations can be made up, and who’s to say that the articles are not fake, or invalid as well. Even well known news organizations have the potential to give unreliable information through links. When linking to another site, they could be leading the reader to false information, as it may be hard to find out if the information on that site is in fact accurate. Many distrust the Internet in general, due to the mass amount of pornography and entertainment content.

The viewpoint is that with much profanity and junk floating around the Internet, how could any reliable and quality information get squeezed in?” (Christie) The lack of regulation has a cyclical effect on the information on the internet medium and online journalism by allowing cyber crime as well as dissemination of misinformed data and information.  A pilot project was conducted to determine the ethical issues faced by online journalists and online journalism based graduate students by Dueze and Yeshua where it was determined that what is actually taught in universities and actually in practice in Netherlands pertaining to ethical practices and codes of conduct in Netherlands has a large discrepancy favoring unethical behavior on the net.

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Essay: Flaws of Online Journalism
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