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Such aircrafts can be used by emergency and medical service providers to reach places where only vertical landing and takeoff is allowed (Haverfield, 2009).. Aside form this the civil maintenance and repair companies like the electricity and power management companies as well as city unions can use the aircraft to perform remote site inspections (Haverfield, 2009) that are not accessible by plane and cannot be travelled to by the helicopters.

The BA609 has a unique hydraulic system that allows it to independently manage and control the actuator cylinders for the different types of flight controls. “By having each flight control powered simultaneously by three parallel and independent hydraulic systems, the need for switching valves, power transfer units, and their associated control hardware is eliminated. Degradation of actuator load/rate capacity following a single failure and the severity of transient motions from control failures are also reduced by having two cylinders continue to operate following a single failure, instead of only one cylinder” (Fenny & Schultz)

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Essay: Functions of BA609
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