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Gender discrimination is also predominant in the workplace where employers tend to discriminate against the employees on the basis of their gender. The glass ceiling effect and the unequal pay for people of different genders is very typical of gender discrimination. Moreover certain fields like engineering, information technology etc have been established as male dominated fields where females are often discouraged and discriminated against. Similarly males are being discriminated in the education sector where females are being more aggressively employed.

The discrimination based on disability is against those people who are mentally or physically challenged. UK has made significant provisioning for these individuals by making building, parks and other public facilities designated and accessible to them by incorporating disability and handicap solutions in their construction plans. Aside from this the government has also passed the Disability Act according to which discrimination against disabled people is outlawed. However despite this the country is host to discrimination against the disabled in transport function as well as in general communities. This decimation is often set forth by either the authorities or the peers of the disabled. A research conducted by Clare Bambra, Daniel Pope and published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health stated that “since the implementation of theDDA, the disparity in employment rates between disabled andnot-disabled people has actually seemed to increase. Thisanalysis, found no evidence that this disparity differedby sex; disabled men and women were equally likely to have aconsistently lower employment rate since the implementationof the DDA than not disabled men and women. However, a differentialpattern was observed by socioeconomic class.” (Bambra & Pope, 2007)

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Essay: Gender and Disability Discrimination
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