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Globalization in the Middle Easthas also been a significant contributor to the increase in consumerism in the region. “The current globalization of the best original ideas parked under globally protected name identities, applying the power of delivering unique selling propositions and making them available in multiple countries and across continents is on the march.

All over the world, the race for syndicated/franchised ideas is on at full speed” (Javed 2007)[1]. The World Wide Web as well as the large number of companies and businesses coming to the region for reaping opportunities and riches that it has to offer has influenced the lives and the lifestyle of many in the Middle East.

The increased level of globalization in the region has brought many people in from US,UK and Europe as well as from the eastern Asian countries like China,India,Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

[1] Javed, N., “Franchising & Novou-Consumerism in Middle East”, 2007, accessed April 7, 2009 from

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Essay: Globalization in Middle East
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