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A monopolistic market often needs to be controlled by the intervention of the government in order to curb the exploitation of demand and the consumers in the market. Government regulation can create more problems instead of solutions in the case of monopoly power as while the regulation may be aimed at controlling the market power and reducing the chances of market failure, often hazardous changes in the form of restrictive legislature and inefficient market structures can occur which are worse of than the monopolistic structure.

The Microsoft Corporation has also been under considerable attention from governments for their monopolistic business practices. The Clayton Antitrust Act provides that a monopoly has the power to conduct anti trust activities like controlling the competition, controlling the supply in the market as well as unethical business practices pertaining to bribery and intimidation. In the late 1990’s the company came under threat of violating the anti0trust laws and engaging in business activities pertaining to unethical business practices that exploited the monopolistic power of the company in the market (Wilcox, 1999).

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Essay: Government Regulation and Monopoly Power
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