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“Until recently Medicare benefits were only payable in respect of serviced delivered by medical practitioners but they are now also available in defined circumstances to patients who use practice-based nursing, psychology, dental and other allied health services. Generally such services must be delivered as part of a planned program of care, and specifically requested by the patient’s physician, before a benefit can be paid.” (‘The Health Care System and Health Policy in Australia’, 2008) Medicare is highly involved with the government of Australia for the funding as well as the delivery of the health care facility making it the basis of the health care system offering to the general public.

The general public is also highly involved in the healthcare system and its delivery and effectiveness as the demand and requirements claimed by them are analyzed by the government in terms of their up-to-date needs for health care services which results in the consequent provision of such services through the health care system in the region. Moreover as of late, they are also responsible for the increased discrepancy in the private and the public sector offering, with the choice they depict for high end, expensive private facilities resulting in inefficiency and inequality of access to the health care system in Australia.

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Essay: Health Care Systems in Australia
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