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Martha Stewart has firmly established her position in the entertainment and the lifestyles industry as the home making guru. “As a business leader, Martha Stewart is brilliant, and worthy of our attention. Under her leadership, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has mastered the art of synergy, with the television show selling the products of the advertisers, the magazine directing the reader to her housewares line at Kmart, and the crowds at Kmart being directed to her website” (Giordon, 2003).

With her traditional recipes, innovative style of managing the house, strategic marketing of her products and services as well as her skills as a home decorator/ renovator she has managed to create a position of leadership for herself in the lifestyle industry specifically in the United States. She has managed to rise form a background pf limited resources based on her strength, hard work and dedication to what she does to become the leader of a multimillion dollar enterprising business.

The leadership style of Martha Stewart in her business ventures whoever has come under criticism from her peers and her employees who have worked as her subordinates. They have gone on to mention the leadership style of Martha Stewart to be autocratic, dominating and very demanding leaving little room for others when it comes to decision making. The majority of the control over her business a well as for making decision for the products and services endorsed by her or sold under her brand name are controlled by her.

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Essay: Home Making Success by Martha Stewart
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