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The successful management of change in any organization requires commitment from the management as well as the human resource employed at the company. Extensive planning and forethought is required before an organization can take a step towards adopting a new change. “Managing change means managing the conversation between the people leading the change effort and those who are expected to implement the new strategies, managing the organizational context in which change can occur, and managing the emotional connections that are essential for any transformation” (Duck, 1993).

It is therefore recommended that the XYZ Company should assign management to regard the issue of downsizing and organizational restructuring as an important part of its undertaking. A dedicated team should be allotted to manage the change which should be led by either the senior management or the president of the company. The team would be responsible for the identifying which areas of the business are inefficient and how the inefficiency can be reduced. It would be responsible for rolling out motivation programmes for increasing the morale of the employees and to support them with their job security issues in the face of downsizing.

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Essay: How to Minimize Adverse Impact of Downsizing
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