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“Her past in modeling along with her confidence and business sense gave her even greater media appeal. With the success of her fist book, Stewart published additional titles around the same concepts of decorating, entertaining, gardening, and cooking.” (‘Martha Stewart Biography’). Her most successful business venture of date has been the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia where she resides as the CEO for the multimillion dollar operations.

            After a brief spell behind bars for insider trading Martha Stewart has re-launched herself. She is once again at the top of her game, while Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia continues to flourish. Her life story is the epitome of good and bad management and leadership traits. She has overcome gender barriers, in both her personal and successful business life. In addition, Martha literally shattered the glass ceiling for other female executives to use inside information for financial gain. From eating and entertaining to decorating homes and gardens, Martha Stewart continues to have an overwhelming influence on the American lifestyle.

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Essay: Influence of Early Life on Martha’s Management
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