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The Australian health care system works closely in collaboration with the public and the private sector doctors, surgeons and physicians who provide health care services the pubic through the system. The medical personal pertaining to doctors and surgeons are requested to charge the fee for the treatment and the service provided in up to the limit of the insurance coverage for the customers in the public health care system therefore enabling the customer’s not to pay any costs out of their pockets. These charges are billed to the Medicare Company which covers them through the insurance tax levied on the residents of Australia.

The third entity in the health care systems Medicare, the insurance company, which provides health care coverage to all the residents of Australia as per the health care program. The company is the key component of the system as the equality in terms of access to the health care facilities as well as the high heath percentage of the population is directly dependent on the services provided by Medicare to the government of Australia.

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Essay: Inter-relationships in Australian Health Care
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