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The packaging business is specific for the beverage industry and provides packaging for both the company’s own products as well as the products of other companies in the market. The entertainment business however includes the Sea World Resort and the Busch gardens which form the adventure parks managed by the company. According to the company the inter-segment and business sector sales are fully internally consolidated and no customer is responsible or accountable for more than 10 percent of the sales of the business.

The accident ratios and the defect ratio for the company were unavailable. However the numbers of activities in the business are numerous and the business is a conglomerate of different operations across multiple markets. As a result the exact number of the activities performed by the business cannot be provided. However the gist of the different sectors of operations has been provided above. The opportunity success rate for the company however is very high as the company has been able to profit form the investments that it has made in its business as well as in the different international breweries where the company has majority holding of shares.

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Essay: Internal Business Processes of Anheuser-Busch
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