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The Portuguese beverage companies of Unicer and Central de Cervejas are very active companies in the international beer and beverage market as identified above. However it is an American company which is holding the position of dominance and leadership in the international market due to its significant brand base and the specific strategies applied by the company to make it visible to the international market and make the products of the company available throughout the world.

This company is the Anheuser-Busch company which is a brewery, alcohol and beer manufacturer as well as a distributor of beer and beverage brands in the world. Its main market was and has been the United States however due to extensive exposure to the international market the company has adopted the position of leadership in the global industry. This is closely followed by the Miller & Coors Company. The following section described the specific marketing and position strategies that have been adopted by Anheuser Busch to attain a dominant and leading position in the global market to provide a basis for comparison for the Unicer Company and Central de Cervejas.

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Essay: Internationalization of Portuguese beverage companies
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