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The research methods that can be employed for this topic pertain to scientific or quantitative research methods. The different characteristics of the goods that are bought on the internet inFranceandEnglandcan be allotted into categories which can be represented in frequencies. The resultant frequency distribution, in the number of purchases per product category would provide a comprehensive pictorial as well as numerical analysis of the specific goods that are bought on the internet by consumers in France and England.

For the purpose if this research, a mixture of primary and secondary researched can be employed. The secondary research can incorporate the research that has already been conducted and publishes on the highlighted topic. An analysis of this research can provide what result can be expected. The primary research however would form a quantitative research undertaken through surveys which at a sample of the households, whereby respondents would be asked about the difference in their water usage pattern, based on the per litre and per household pricing. Additionally a small experiment can also be undertaken for a period of 2-3 months whereby half the sample population can be charged on a per litre basis, while the rest is charged on a per household basis. The difference in their water consumption can be depicted as the result of the research. This would be a comprehensive and realistic approach to tackling the research topic.

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Essay: Internet Buying in France and England
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