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The specific questions that were asked in the questionnaire pertained to the basic information about the operation structure in the company, as much as could be revealed by the respondents without infringement of company policies, the information about the orientation of the production and supply china management in the company, whether they were oriented towards customer satisfaction, lean operations or the rather traditional assembly line based operation.

The respondents were also asked to highlight any operational issues that were being faced by the company in terms of managing their production function, their procurement function and their supply chain management in the upper level as well as the downstream level specific to disbursement of the finished goods in the market. Those companies which did employ lean operations and used the either the Toyota Production System or a modified version of the Toyota production System were asked about the success or the failure that they had undergone due to the adoption of lean operations. The effects of the lean operation and the Toyota Production System were queries specific to the mechanism of the supply chain operations of the companies. The assumptions which were made pertaining to the questionnaire survey included that the people approached with the survey would provide complete and honest information about their companies. The other assumption that was employed in the questionnaire was that the respondents were familiar with the Toyota Production system as no background information on the topic was provided to the respondents.

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Essay: Interview technique used in TPS
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