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The Accenture Company is a large enterprise which is responsible for many businesses of different nature. The baseline for the operations however is in the information technology and business process outsourcing business. The company is a consultation firm which provides outsourcing, information technology based as well as consultancy services to other business all around the world.

The head quarters for the company are present in Bermuda, however it is present and operation in more than 43 countries around the world. Accenture,Indiais one of its subdivisions in the international market. “Accenture considersIndiaas one of its largest developing domestic market. The company is committed to the overall development of the Indian corporate sector and is keen to partner with Indian companies in their growth. India is also an integral part of Accenture’s Global Delivery Network, a global network of more than 44 integrated delivery centres in over 30 countries. The network provides clients with seamless delivery of the services from multiple geographic locations, with 24×7 coverage. Accenture Delivery Centres in Indiaen able Accenture to extend its global reach and provide deep technology, outsourcing and industry skills with a proven delivery approach.” (‘Accenture inIndia’, 2008)

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Essay: Introduction to Accenture
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