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The report provides a strategic analysis of Estee Lauder, a giant in the cosmetics and skin care company which extensively manufactures and distributes its products in multiple markets globally. The following sections present the background and the history of the company, proving insight into the working of the organization, its existing vision, mission, and strategic objectives.

The strengths and the weaknesses of the company have been highlighted along with the identification of the threats and the opportunities that are apparent for the company. The case analysis of the Estee Lauder Company also provides the internal and external evaluation of the company along with the position of the company and the level of competitiveness that it has. Aside from this the following sections also provides an alternate developed vision and mission statements for the company. Recommendations are also provided on how Estee Lauder can improve its strategic position in order to be more effective and efficient in the market while striving to achieve the developed goals vision and mission of the company.

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Essay: Introduction to Estee Lauder
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