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The main objective of this paper is to provide how the XYZ Company can overcome the issue it faced for organization change influenced due to the changes taking pace in the external environment of the company. The following sections highlight the prospect of change that is faced by the XYZ Company and what impact the change can have on the organization and its stake holders. The report concludes by providing the strategies for minimizing the adverse impact for change as well as an outline for successful management of change for efficiency and effectiveness.

XYZ Company is an independent organization which takes on contracts from multiple clients for transportation products and services. Clients of the company include regional logistic firms as well as international exploration based organizations. The biggest client of the company however is theUSarmy, with whom the company has several contracts for providing transportation based products and services. The products and services provided to the US Army pertain to transportation of soldiers and human resource, technical logistics expertise, transportation of cargo and food, specialized armoured and endurance vehicles as well as technical training to support the successful operations of the logistics divisions.

As the company has majority of its contracts with the US Army, any drastic changes in the operations of theUSarmy can have significant adverse impacts on the operations of the XYZ Company, its stakeholders as well as on its profitability that can influence organizational change.

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Essay: Introduction to the XYZ Company
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