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The Toyota Production System is and exploration of the founding methodology by Sakichi Toyoda and his son Kiichiro Toyoda. Both the Toyodas took heed from the work conducted by Fleming, Edwards and Ford, Henry on the assembly line based production in the automobile sector.

While the assembly line based model was revolutionary in the United States, the Toyota founders were not impressed by the methodology as according to them it took up a lot of resources and employed a lot of inefficacies which had to be accounted for in the expenses. Instead they were able to come up with the Toyota Production System by observing drink suppliers in a shopping mart where the supplier used to refill the drinks of the customers, as and when they needed refilling. Sakichi and Kiichiro Toyoda then came up with the Toyota Production System which was based on the same principle of fulfilling demand as and when required in order to decrease the incrementally increasing costs related to holding inventory and accounting for wastage and damage of inventory in terms of depreciation due to passage of time. The Toyota Production System combines approach of assembly line based production and just in time sourcing and procuring of components, materials and small equipment to make way for a more efficient method production of automobiles. In the Toyota Production System the resources required in terms of raw material, smaller preassembled components and procured equipment is provided to the different stages of the assembly line, as and when required by them. This decreased the costs of holding and managing the inventory considerably

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Essay: Introduction to Toyota Production System
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