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It has been identified that the company is highly dependent on its local/ domestic beer division for driving its revenue and profits for the operations. The company is well established in the international markets, however around 70 percent of the company’s sales are made within theUnited Statesonly. Aside form this company is also highly dependent wholesaler for its beer sales in the face of a lacking retailing solution.

                Other threats that have been identified which hamper the business for Anheuser Busch pertain to prohibition of widespread marketing of alcoholic beverages in the mass media, the governmental regulations, and trade barriers between that prevent the company from attaining a higher market share in its international operations.

In order to determine how the business can overcome the issues that have been highlighted to through an in depth analysis of the company and its operations would be taken. This analysis would take the form of a financial analysis of the business over a period of five years to determine how the business has been able to establish itself in the market amongst its competitors. An industry analysis would also be undertaken to compare and contrast the performance of Anheuser Busch with its competitors.

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Essay: Issues at Anheuser Busch
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