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These as well as the skill shortages that occur in the industry pertain to the issues that are based on the structure and the infrastructure of the supply china at the different automobile manufacturing and distributing companies in the world. The other characteristic of these elements is that these elements are difficult to change specifically in the short run. They require extensive planning and strategic development to be realistically changed. The third characteristic that is present for the issues of the existential nature is that they present the automobile industry with threats in of different levels. These threats can pertain to the threat of obsolesce of the technology and the shortage of skilled workforce on the labor market.

The responsorial issues on the other hand were those which provided the coping element of the industry with the existential issues. The highlight of which was that it is not possible for some responsible to be feasible in the long term. As a result innovative responses are required which are printed towards the management of the supplier agreements, the sequencing in the production as well as the module based production in cellular units in the assembly line. Such a classification of the issues faced by the automobile companies in the industry has enabled us to highlight the causal relationships between the issues.

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Essay: Issues at Automotive Manufacturing Industry
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