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The major issue in the implementation phase was the frequent change in the project management leadership and this eventually caused the project to be abandoned. A cross functional team was created as the ERP Project Team and the project operation manager was quite experienced with ERP implementation and his job was to lead, motivate and consolidate the requirements as per the departments for successful implementation.

He was also the communicating link between the management, the team and the consultants. In June 2000, a new Chief Financial Officer joined the company and he replaced the Project Manager but he left soon and was replaced further on by the project engineer. The new manager was inexperienced in ERP implementations and he faced major coordination problems. On the contrary with the coming of the new manager conflicts arose regarding the processes implemented already. This was a major issue since now the focus was on what had been done and the project was abandoned since the purpose of the implementation of the system was abandoned that is to integrate as the change in leadership disintegrated the process and the human resources involved in the implementation.

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Essay: Issues faced at Implementation phase of ERP
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