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The growing business in the IT sector is also attracting lots of relatively low skilled and less experiences people who have to be training and mentored in order to make their work of professional quality. These effects the service provided by the company as well as its increases its cost of personal management. The Accenture Company however benefits with a large pool of workers and employees which is available to it fromIndiawho are willing to work at a restively lower rate. The company also has to hire fresh graduates and entrants in the market which costs the company expensively in terms of personal and human resource management.

The other challenge which is faced by the company and is of considerable importance is the issue of information management and information security. This is a hot topic and a very sensitive issue around the world as the integrative and advancing technology enables privacy offenders to access private information putting the electronic intellectual property of the company more at risk. The main products and services of the company pertain to online and electronic solution which is system based. Moreover the high rate of attrition also increases the risk to intellectual property of the company. With the client critical information with a large group of people who do not stay with the company for a long period the client critical information needs to be protected.

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Essay: Issues Faced by Accenture
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