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The implementation of the new ERP system was an ultimate failure and a lot could have been done to avoid this chronic situation that came out as an outcome of the inefficient implementation at Maxima. To form a foundation for the answer it is important to inform that ERP has five major applications that are linked and form the organization. These are sales, production planning, integrated logistics, human resources, accounting and finance.

In my opinion in order to make sure the implementation of the project was a success I would have considered the decision made by the evaluation team because they had studied the options and they considered the details plus they were in proximity with the end users so they knew which system would fit better with the organizational needs and according to them it was JD Edwards. The management should have considered all details and most importantly they should have surveyed via distributing a questionnaire amongst the users through out the organization in order to make sure which out of the two proposed systems JD or Oracle would fit best with the organizational needs in order to avoid a fiasco that eventually resulted of the wrong decisions taken by the management leading to a waste of time and money

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Essay: Issues faced during ERP Implementation at Maxima
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